Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inspiration - Bamboo Stereo.

Of all the wonderful street styles blogs and the like, I find that going to Bamboo Stereo's little blog store has been the most inspiring. The sell you vintage clothes they have found while shopping but give you gives on how to wear them just by looking at their pictures. The way they model at put together most of their pieces looks so effortless. They are from Australia but I heard they ship internationally.

These are some of my favorite outfit ideas and items. Most of which are already sold,

all pictures from Bamboo Stereo

How I would wear:

Outfit 1) I would wear at Work.
Outfit 2) Hanging out with friends.
Outfit 3) Lazy Days.
Outfit 4) Summer days with the family/shopping.

Oh I can dream, can I dream.

pce, annah