Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inspiration - Bamboo Stereo.

Of all the wonderful street styles blogs and the like, I find that going to Bamboo Stereo's little blog store has been the most inspiring. The sell you vintage clothes they have found while shopping but give you gives on how to wear them just by looking at their pictures. The way they model at put together most of their pieces looks so effortless. They are from Australia but I heard they ship internationally.

These are some of my favorite outfit ideas and items. Most of which are already sold,

all pictures from Bamboo Stereo

How I would wear:

Outfit 1) I would wear at Work.
Outfit 2) Hanging out with friends.
Outfit 3) Lazy Days.
Outfit 4) Summer days with the family/shopping.

Oh I can dream, can I dream.

pce, annah

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Peanut butter and Jelly.

Maybe it's because without it, you never really have a completed outfit, or maybe its because you don't have to be a size zero to look good in them. But I have a huge obsession with shoes. Seemingly strange because I was such a tomboy and I did say the most exhausted phrase "why do people own more then three pairs of shoes, it's pointless" I know, I know. Shun me from the universal blogger and fashion blogreel.

However, the current thing I'm looking out for? Jelly Sandals.
They're nerdy and old school and remind me of a day where I was the queen of hopscotch. But everyone is allowed atleast one heinous obsession. And this is mine.

When I lived in Thailand, everyone had jelly sandals, and they were so cute and fashionable. When I came home I saw that Old Navy also has some on their website.

Women's Chainlink Thong Jelly Sandals
These come in 7 different colors, including clear.

Women's Ankle-Strap Gladiator Jelly Sandals
Comes in two colors.

Old Navy is one of my secret loves. Even if I don't understand them sometimes.
Exhibit A:

I tried these on. And they were comfortable. But it took me forever to figure them out and why my big toe would go through the little hole. I'd buy them, but only in black. They are a nice change from the normal flip flop.

Also on my wishlist from old navy?....

Women's Cut-Out Strapless Dresses

..A little red dress.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Today's Inspiration.

Today I'm lazy and am just going to put up pictures that inspired me.
Go figure.

I just love the whole long sleeves, layers, white skirts, and tights thing.
Makes me want snow again.

I love this outfit, I must find some highwaisted pants.

The dress is absolutely adorable and I love the shoes/dress/tights combo in the second picture.

Casual meets sexy. And yeah, I'll admit I love the big hair.

That skirt is amazing.

The jacket with the hat just screams comfort to me. Note to self - must find a hat.

Everything about this outfit makes me smile. I love the petticoat underneath to make it flare out as well. And her hair accessories are amazing.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Ideal Comfort.

To tell one story I must tell you another.

A while back I was talking to a friend about different fashion and we got into the subject about Comfort. She chose comfort over personal-style and yet I couldn't quite let go of style. I figured comfort would be my sick days in which I don't go out. Don't get me wrong, I have comfortable pieces and outfits, but they are much more in the category of Personal Style then comfort. Anyways, ever since then I've been looking for an outfit of inspiration that both fit my very different style (instead of pj pants and jeans) and also one I could fall asleep in. It would have to been something untucked, not tight, etc.

And I found it, while roaming through Style Bubble's amazing site. The perfect combo. outfit was laying right in front of me.

I don't know why this outfit stands out to me so much.
But I could definitly see myself wearing that outfit with this coat:

from Style Bubble Daily Wear

Walking around in the snow feeding the horses on my make-believe ranch, going inside and falling asleep next to the fire with my cockerspaniel and a mug of cocoa.

My ideal.


Handmade shopping, oh yeah.

So, in my last post I told you guys I went shopping and bought some very pretty jewerly. All of the jewerly is handmade, which was an amazing find. And I'm very proud of myself for buying a little bit more edgey things seeing how romantic, big curls, flowy, tons of fabric stuff is way more my style. I have to warn you all though. My friends tell me I have the largest collection of ugly earrings in the world. I guess I have weird taste, but I love it and it's all mine.
These were my favorite, only because I didn't understand them, and they are so big.

Okay, so I did buy atleast one 'cutesy' earring. It was an impulse.

These earrings are so cute, tie-dye rustic purple with silver paint. I feel like I should be wearing black and a bandana with them. Oh yeah, I'm bad.

The pink stones with the feathers were so clashed, I had to have them.

Block earrings with pink and black string pattern. One of my favorites as well.

These earrings are like fish scales and they move so elegantly.

Last but not least I got a very cute handmade bead necklace.

Modeled in the picture by my host-mom, it's made of small white pearls, pink glass beads, and pink pearls. I love pink pearls. That's probably where all my money goes. But can you blame me? They are just so amazing looking. Even if they are fake. ...Am I weird that I don't want a diamond wedding ring? I want a real pink pearl one instead? Of course.

I'll try and get some outfit pictures up. But using someone elses camera is kinda giving it a disadvantage. So we will see about tomorrow.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Squeeze Tight.

I'm sorry I haven't been on recently. So is the life of a devoted fashionista. Yeah, right. The truth is that I've been so busy and have gotten so comfortable running around like a headless chicken that I have forgotten about the internet compeltely. But all is well, because even though I haven't solved global warming, I'm writing a new update.

I recently went shopping at a local mall (The Mall Ngamwongwan, Thailand) and went for a couple accessories and some new tights. I got a million gorgeous handmade earrings I'll have to post pictures later when I get my hands on a camera. They are so cute and the fashion gods were with me because they were on sale - 6 for 100Baht. Which is roughly 3 USD. Hooray for currency exchange!

I also got some very cute color tights. I've never seen the color before so I had to buy them. They are like a peachish romantic rose pink. I'll try to get an outfit pic up soon with them. But it got me waning more and more tights. I live in thailand so tights don't work here in it's horrible high temperatures and I only have black tights. But I went on Sockdreams right after and decided that, that must change. I'm actually on the lookout for some tights with a little texture to them as well.

Some tights I really want:

Maybe I'm just attracted to insanely ugly tights but those last ones made me smile.
I would wear holes into those. I love random finds like that.

I have a question for all you frequent tight wearers. Where can you buy tights if you're tall? I'm 5'8" and it makes me sad that I have to stretch until my originally opaque tights are sheer normal ones.

Also I really want to find some tights that are higher opaque then a 40D. I hear there are 110D but I haven't been able to find them.

Annah, out.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hats off to my new addictions.

First off, Hats. (you knew it was coming)

I know, big shocker right? Well if you knew me personally then you would know I don't own not even one hat. Perhaps it's just because I look like an alien in one, or the fact that my head is uber huge and hats (or even headbands) rarely fit. It's a sad tearful story. But when I was randomly browsing fashion blogs I came across The Whimsical Nerd's amazing blog and saw this amazingly wonderful picture.

I know almost every fashion blogger has donned one of these hats in their outfit atleast once. But this outfit made me want one of my own. I absolutely love the way she pulled the outfit together. Usually girls wearing these hats are wearing a trench coat, oversized scarf, and black boots. But this was so cute and original, it was quite refreshing. And on a side note I especially love her berets.

Now I must have one. (and maybe a beret or two)
I wonder if they have hats like these in Bangkok, Thailand...

And secondly, Bows.

You can all thank the lovely lady over as LisaPlace for that. I would cut off my left arm for her wardrobe. And when I was randomly going through her pictures for some inspiration I came across this old picture:

You always see girls wearing little bows in their hair, but when I saw Lisaplace sporting a big ole' bow on the side of her head, I immediately started planned my evil plan to totally DIY it. It reminds me of the movie The Little Princess. And I absolutely love it.

Must get off to bed now.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

School-Girl Skirts.

Don't blame me, blame the god-awful rulers of cameras everywhere for breaking my digi-camera, for the third time. So unfortunately this post will be filled with pictures I have found across the internet because my evil demon camera won't turn on, and when it does it won't take a picture.

Anyways, for those who don't know I'm currently an exchange student from the USA living in Bangkok, Thailand. Which means, yes, I have to wear the school uniform. However, school is finished and I have three different outfits sitting in my closet collecting dust. So of course, I took the skirts out and started cutting. I have to admit, the whole 'tokyo' school girl look is quit cute to me. I love it, so sue me. A mini-pleated skirt, oversized cardigan, and bowtie combo? Please and Thank-you! Unfortunately Thailand's uniform is a lot different, aka: very long and highwaisted pleated skirt, oversized button -up, socks, and maryjane shoes. It's not that bad.

It's just...sweaty. Though I did end up cutting the skirt to about 4/5 inches above my knee and the highwaisted part is just a bonus.

Admit it, you only wish you had this in your closet:

Bamboo Stereo

*Sigh* I try getting out of school and they just keep pulling me back in.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fashion with wheels.

Sorry I haven't written in awhile. I was down in Phuket, Thailand for a week. Being on student exchange definitly has it's perks. Cute patterned shorts, flowy romantic lace white blouses, and curly beach hair during the day. Sexy minis, vintage button ups (in which you don't button up), and cool "swedish blog messy bun" hair at night. It's quite lovely.

Our next trip is to Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is definitly more mountains then beaches. I'm excited. The clothes I'm bringing are my pretty normal routine. But there are two activities in which I am not quite sure what to wear. Though I think I have some ideas.

On the first day we are going Cycling around the scenery. But it's at the end of the day, with no time to change. So instead of completely decking myself out in spandex and a tanktop I went looking on Google. And found out that most girls wear skirts while cycling, call it good karma. Pair them with some cute leggings underneath, and your golden. While these can be any skirt, they do make some cute bike skirts you can wear, which are lovingly called a Skort. Team Estrogen has some rather ok looking ones. And my favorite happens to be the Terry Cargo Skort.

I could easily pair it with a cute vintage rolled-sleeved tee and some double-layered super long necklaces. Who says Sport can't be fashionable?

The second 'event' is the Songkran festival. Which is basically a huge water fight. It's held on the Thai New Year. And the biggest Songkran activities (aka waterfight) happen to take place in Chiang Mai, for a whole three days. It's pretty messy, since they not only throw water at you but powder as well. These are the times I thank the vintage gods for those 30cent t-shirts I found.

As totally cliche as it sounds. I'm decking myself out (with my friend Renee) in a complete camo outfit with bandanas and the two infamous blacklines on my cheeks. Because, afterall, I am still only 17. Might as well have some fun while it lasts. I can't find any pictures of what I want. But I could show you, with a little imagination.

So if you take this:

Put it into womens sizes, unzip it until it's about three inches above your bellybutton, and cute the legs.
Wear a cute non matching bikini top/bottom with it:

and some rolled-down black converse with long beads:

Every girl is allowed to be sexy. But the converse make it fun.
I'll make sure to take pictures of the outfits I do end up wearing.
Since I finally found the batteries I need for my very crappy camera.

....There is a certain joy to being completely unfashionable.
Because afterall, isn't that what makes it so much fun?

Friday, March 21, 2008

I've found it!

Well a picture of it.
I was recently going through posts of Style Bytes when I saw this picture;

These are the romantic curls I've been looking for.
Please forgive me for this totally lame post.
But I've been looking for the perfect curls that I want, everywhere.

Ok you can smite me from fashion blogs now.
My giddy excited post is now finished. ^^

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring has sprung, hopefully.

So Spring has all the other fashion bloggers chatting away excited. The unfortunate problem is that since I am in Bangkok, Thailand. It's already dead hot desert summer. And the only thing you can get close to is tying a pink ribbon around that bun to keep the hair off your sweating neck. But while I'm living in tank tops and pajama shorts, it doesn't mean I can't browse and enjoy. Hooray for internet and magazines.

So what am I excited about for spring fashion? Dresses.
Romantic, lace, embroided, white, pastel, patterned, short, long, boho, mexican Dresses.
And here are a few I'm in love with already.

I swear I don't have an infatuation with purple. ;]

I also really love the idea of big sun hats. Because you hasn't seen 'My Fair Lady' or 'Pretty Woman'? It's so vintage couture, I love it.