Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hats off to my new addictions.

First off, Hats. (you knew it was coming)

I know, big shocker right? Well if you knew me personally then you would know I don't own not even one hat. Perhaps it's just because I look like an alien in one, or the fact that my head is uber huge and hats (or even headbands) rarely fit. It's a sad tearful story. But when I was randomly browsing fashion blogs I came across The Whimsical Nerd's amazing blog and saw this amazingly wonderful picture.

I know almost every fashion blogger has donned one of these hats in their outfit atleast once. But this outfit made me want one of my own. I absolutely love the way she pulled the outfit together. Usually girls wearing these hats are wearing a trench coat, oversized scarf, and black boots. But this was so cute and original, it was quite refreshing. And on a side note I especially love her berets.

Now I must have one. (and maybe a beret or two)
I wonder if they have hats like these in Bangkok, Thailand...

And secondly, Bows.

You can all thank the lovely lady over as LisaPlace for that. I would cut off my left arm for her wardrobe. And when I was randomly going through her pictures for some inspiration I came across this old picture:

You always see girls wearing little bows in their hair, but when I saw Lisaplace sporting a big ole' bow on the side of her head, I immediately started planned my evil plan to totally DIY it. It reminds me of the movie The Little Princess. And I absolutely love it.

Must get off to bed now.



providentstyle said...

I'm growing my hair out so that cute headbands and bows will look better- but I'm impatient! Grow faster, hair!

Amy Clarke said...

The new season berets are awesome cos they're in really fresh colours. I'm seeing bows everywhere too, and birds on alice bands for some reason? But yeah, hats are cool!