Sunday, April 20, 2008

Handmade shopping, oh yeah.

So, in my last post I told you guys I went shopping and bought some very pretty jewerly. All of the jewerly is handmade, which was an amazing find. And I'm very proud of myself for buying a little bit more edgey things seeing how romantic, big curls, flowy, tons of fabric stuff is way more my style. I have to warn you all though. My friends tell me I have the largest collection of ugly earrings in the world. I guess I have weird taste, but I love it and it's all mine.
These were my favorite, only because I didn't understand them, and they are so big.

Okay, so I did buy atleast one 'cutesy' earring. It was an impulse.

These earrings are so cute, tie-dye rustic purple with silver paint. I feel like I should be wearing black and a bandana with them. Oh yeah, I'm bad.

The pink stones with the feathers were so clashed, I had to have them.

Block earrings with pink and black string pattern. One of my favorites as well.

These earrings are like fish scales and they move so elegantly.

Last but not least I got a very cute handmade bead necklace.

Modeled in the picture by my host-mom, it's made of small white pearls, pink glass beads, and pink pearls. I love pink pearls. That's probably where all my money goes. But can you blame me? They are just so amazing looking. Even if they are fake. ...Am I weird that I don't want a diamond wedding ring? I want a real pink pearl one instead? Of course.

I'll try and get some outfit pictures up. But using someone elses camera is kinda giving it a disadvantage. So we will see about tomorrow.


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