Saturday, April 19, 2008

Squeeze Tight.

I'm sorry I haven't been on recently. So is the life of a devoted fashionista. Yeah, right. The truth is that I've been so busy and have gotten so comfortable running around like a headless chicken that I have forgotten about the internet compeltely. But all is well, because even though I haven't solved global warming, I'm writing a new update.

I recently went shopping at a local mall (The Mall Ngamwongwan, Thailand) and went for a couple accessories and some new tights. I got a million gorgeous handmade earrings I'll have to post pictures later when I get my hands on a camera. They are so cute and the fashion gods were with me because they were on sale - 6 for 100Baht. Which is roughly 3 USD. Hooray for currency exchange!

I also got some very cute color tights. I've never seen the color before so I had to buy them. They are like a peachish romantic rose pink. I'll try to get an outfit pic up soon with them. But it got me waning more and more tights. I live in thailand so tights don't work here in it's horrible high temperatures and I only have black tights. But I went on Sockdreams right after and decided that, that must change. I'm actually on the lookout for some tights with a little texture to them as well.

Some tights I really want:

Maybe I'm just attracted to insanely ugly tights but those last ones made me smile.
I would wear holes into those. I love random finds like that.

I have a question for all you frequent tight wearers. Where can you buy tights if you're tall? I'm 5'8" and it makes me sad that I have to stretch until my originally opaque tights are sheer normal ones.

Also I really want to find some tights that are higher opaque then a 40D. I hear there are 110D but I haven't been able to find them.

Annah, out.

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